Shopping with experts: Trenery

One for our Australian readers today (or those about to visit) the launch of the new Trenery range, an off-shoot of the successful Country Road brand which we have admired on the few occassions we've visited that part of the world. It came to our notice through WGSN this week (the fashion forcasting website) and reviews on the range via blogs and such are very complimentary.

Trenery is aimed at 40plus women, who are specifically looking for quality fabrics, styling and a bit of grown up fashion. The womenswear is currently just smart casual stuff and accessories but the menswear includes suits. Obviously it's summer -or about to be- in Australia so the range is an edited collection of crisp cotton dresses, neat shorts, capri pants and no-frills lined shirts and shaped T shirts. The marketing blurb also claims it's picking more age-appropriate models to show the clothes on, altho I'm not so sure looking at these pictures.

We are excited to see a major retailer such as Country Road taking our demographic seriously, about time we say -as do many of the Australian comments on Vogue Australia's forum on the subject. The world is just full of women like us wanting more choice of clothing. So we'd love to hear from our Australian readers if it's any good or not? Can you let us know what you think?


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