Lucza loungewear

LuczaYoung people are so good at lounge-wear aren’t they. Teen daughter has a whole host of tonal, grey marl, soft separates for lolling around the house in. As soon as she comes in from school, on goes the electric blanket, jersey layers and slipper socks and she’s ready to relax with the Kardashians.

Whereas for me, leisurewear means pulling on a pair of ancient shapeless jogging bottoms (like I’ve ever been jogging), an Undertones 1979 tour t-shirt and one of teen sons cast off sweatshirts. Maybe it’s because I’d rather spend my money on actual clothes, that people might see, or the fact I usually associate lounge-wear with bleached blonde, yummy mummy’s wearing Juicy couture, on the school run (not in N16 I might add!), but relaxed casual wear just isn’t for me – until now!!

Hearing that I was sofa bound and in recovery in January, the lovely people from Lucza sent me a pair of their fold over, soft jersey trousers. I had been shuffling around in a pair of horrible Nike sweat pants I found at the back of the wardrobe, as I couldn’t bear any kind of waistband and was starting to feel like I should change my name to Waynetta Slob. The Lucza trousers were just what I needed to make me feel better and totally changed my mind about spending money on lounge-wear.

They are beautifully cut and very flattering and one could possibly even wear them outside of the house (I wouldn’t, but some might!). Made from Swiss/Austrian yarn with a touch of elastane, they are lovely and soft and feel like they will keep their shape. The fold over top means that they will fit almost anyone and although they are £80 (which is far more than I would usually think of paying) they actually seem like great value, for this level of quality.

Honestly, before you know it I’ll be wearing a camisole top!!


  • Karen says:

    Jane, I am so pleased that you like the foldover trousers! I think you will find you will become like your daughter and put them on as soon as you come in after a long day. Hope you are feeling better.

  • Jane says:

    Karen, thanks so much , I am already. They are the first thing I put on – I love them and am feeling much better thanks

    J x

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