We love: The School of Stuff

School of Stuff
We love anything that takes us outside of our comfort zone and helps us learn a new skill, especially if it's craft related. 

Remember we told you a while ago about The School of Life? Well here is another interesting take on the evening class, except this time is about expanding our practical skills, rather than our minds.

 The School of Stuff is based in an old garment factory in Dalston, East London and offers short and long courses and evening classes in a wide range of crafts, including upholstery, marquetry, gilding, lampshade making, chair rushing, hat making, furniture restoration, quilting, shoe making and even wardrobe revamping. They will also try to run courses of your choice if there is enough interest. 

Check out their list here. We are definitely going to be trying out a few classes.

The School of Stuff
73-75 Shacklewell Lane
London E8 2EB

Email: [email protected]

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