Shopping with experts: the Vivitar underwater camera

vivitar underwater camera

A brilliant buy for our holiday this month has been the Vivitar Vivicam 5399 underwater digital camera, organised by Middleagedad (who is officially 'in charge' of gadgets like this).

It's a normal digital camera capeable of taking very good quality hi resolution pics such as the one of middleteenageson in the pool above.The little camera is encased in a waterproof box that  allows you to go up to 15 metres underwater and snap away. We're used to those rubbish throw away underwater affairs which are generally crap, but this is darn clever.

Being digital it uses a standard memory stick (which slips into the side of my laptop) and is powered by 2 AAA batteries. Even teenagesons, budding amatuer photographers themselves and quick to dismiss any flighty gadget as' pants,' recognise this is a good deal.

Middleagedad bought it on Amazon a couple of weeks ago for a very reasonable £40, but since then it seems to have gone out of stock. You can also get it on gadgetsquick which is also currently out of stock (I'm sorry I know that's not helpful) but strongly suggest you keep looking out for it pre your summer hols, as it's a good buy.
 vivitar underwater camera

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  • Lee Quinn says:

    Just been reading your blog on the Vivitar underwater camera. I too bought a Vivitar for my holiday to Egypt for when I went snorkeling. Its a camera/camcorder and cost just under £70. It is a great camera and I was so pleased I bought it. I too made a blog of my camera and put on there my photo slide show which you maybe interested in seeing. Think these cheap cameras are understated. For a cheap camera I think they do the job well. And for using in the sea I did not want to risk an expencive camera.

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