A Christmas birthday!

As far as I am aware, there are absolutely no advantages to being born on the same day as the most famous baby in history. Everyone might remember Jesus’s birthday, but if you are unfortunate enough to have a birthday on or around Christmas day, you’ll know that when it comes to us mere mortals, it’s something of a bum deal.

TBH I’m kind of over it now and feel there is no need for drama on this rather significant birthday (I can’t actually say the number, as somehow that will make it real). Today, I think it might be best to ignore the fact I even have a birthday and concentrate solely on Christmas.

So this year I will not be sobbing upstairs at 3pm, about how no-one has remembered my birthday (which of course isn’t strictly true) and complaining that I only ever have Christmas cake with birthday candles stuck in it.

Today I will be officially grown up and it will be “all about the children” After lunch, I will be throwing shapes with Lady Gaga (not in person obv!) and my dance obsessed nephew, playing board games with my lovely earnest niece, testing out the latest smokey Kardashian eye with my younger teen and discussing the cinematography of whatever cult film my older teen is watching. I won’t be asking MAD which present is for my birthday and which is for Christmas, as they are both wrapped in Christmas paper, or counting how many Birthday messages I have on Facebook, or even thinking about how nice it would be to go out with friends for drinks on my actual birthday. Oh no, that would be immature and a more than a bit sad!

This Christmas/birthday marks the official beginning of a new, more mature, sensible me. I will not drink too much, get annoyed with anyone over the age of 70, or feel even a tiny bit resentful when no-one else wants to watch Downton Abbey. I will simply remember how lucky I am to have more than enough food to eat, a roof over my head and friends and family who love me.

Merry Christmas (and Happy Birthday, if it’s your birthday too) with lots of love from Jane and Amanda xxx

PS. we are taking a little blogging holiday and will be back on January the 1st.


  • Anna says:

    Happy Birthday Jane!!!! My son was also born on Christmas Day (the Salvation Army came round the hospital ward very shortly after his birth and blew trumpets at us) – he’s 7 today and luckily finds it beyond exciting. We dedicate Christmas Eve to his birthday, going out for a treat (Railway Children at Waterloo yesterday – sob fest for me!) but as you say it’s hard to make Christmas Day ‘his’.
    Wishing you and Amanda a wondeful birthday, Christmas and New Year – have a good break. You have enlivened and informed my 2011 – reading the Woman’s Room is my daily treat. Thank you.

  • Amanda says:

    Merry Christmas Anna and Happy Birthday to your son! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE! Axx

  • Sarah says:

    Very late responding to this! The first of my triplets was born on Christmas Day, with the other two on Boxing Day. We celebrate their birthdays on their due date instead, which as they keep reminding me is NOW VERY SOON.

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