Shopping with experts: Accessorize lap top bags

Accessorisze lap top bag
Now this we totally LOVE, big time. TWR was at Accessorize's autumn 2010 press day yesterday and spotted this wonderfully glamourous laptop bag. We have long moaned about the lack of well priced and nicely designed laptop bags, the ones we've found tend to be either very 'techie-boy' orientated in shades of grey, grey and maybe black, or very expensive ones in ernestly good taste colours.

This silver embroidered butterfly bag shrieks 'buy me now!' although in fact it wont be in the shops until about August time (with the new autumn collection) at around £35. There's a couple of other designs in the range, an all over spriggy floral and a graphic Parisian themed one, but for us, the shiny butterfly stood out as a something to brighten up the dullest of office days.

We also loved the sequined Union Jack clutch bag, with its romantic floral embroidery hinting at a touch of vintage, again available from about Augustat about £35. Way to go, Accessorize!

Accessorize clutch bag

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