We love: Whistles trousers

Whistles trousers
Trousers are having a bit of a fashion moment this Spring Summer.  And we are not talking about just any trousers. Oh no, we are talking peg legs harem pants, 70’s wide legs and dropped crotches.

If all these fashion terms fill you with horror and bring back horrible memories of teenage years spent in Slough, don’t worry! There’s no need to have sleepless nights about ‘how to wear the must have summer trouser’ (ok, we know you are actually too intelligent to really worry about it !!). We have the answer to all your problems, well actually, Whistles do.

We have to admit to being slightly biased when it comes to Whistles, as the lovely ladies who run it are very good friends of ours, but this season we have to say, (despite the fact they are our mates) we think Whistles have the best trouser range on the High St. They have managed to make all those fabulous fashion shapes really wearable, even for women over 35, even 45, oh God, go on then, I’ll stick my neck out – even 55!!

They have adapted the key fashion looks into lovely east to wear, flattering shapes. A lot of it it has to do with their use of fabrics. 100%silk, cotton and polyester, wool mix, jersey, and tencel mix, all create the perfect combination of quality and drape.

At first I had a bit of a shoe crisis when I bought the silk harem pants, as anything casual looked wrong and I simple can’t wear high shoes when trying to have a life. But now that the weather has improved (slightly) clogs, wedges and jesus sandals all look perfect with them.

So check out the  Whistles Website or get yourself along to your local branch, where they seem to have more colourways and style options.
We can’t wait for the Autumn Winter range, as believe us, they just keep getting better and better


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