Outfit of the day #6 with TK Maxx

yoga tk maxx

Today is a gardening and yoga day.

I was quite surprised at how good the active wear section was at TK Maxx, I mentioned my issues with sports tops earlier this week, but found a good selection of styles and sizes and these terrific bottoms which were super soft and neatly cuffed at the ankle. The furry boots are essential, as in yoga you need to slip out of them fast in order to grab your space in a crowded class and slip them back on again swiftly to make a quick getaway before the loonier edge try and sign you up for a communal weekend retreat in an unheated monastery in Wales.

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Style Tour dates for TK Maxx as follows
Wednesday 18th September- LIVERPOOL
Tuesday 8th October-LEEDS
Tuesday 15th October-GLASGOW
Tuesday 22nd October- NEWCASTLE
Tuesday 29th October- CARDIFF


  • Lindsey says:

    There is nothing wrong with an unheated Monastery in Wales. I’ll sign you up for the next retreat!!!!!

  • amanda says:

    you are my inspiration Linds, as always, BUT IN A GOOD WAY….hurry up and get your heated, gourmet food retreats, with a well stocked bar, underway please Axx

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