Middleagedad.com: things are looking up, sartorially speaking

Hostem-store-opening-2 from hypebeast

Things are looking up clothes-wise, for Middleagedad. We are seeing lots more attention being paid to his sartorial needs and we are talking both the deeply cool and on-trend MAD and MADs who find they are quite happy with the look they picked for themselves in 1982.

Firstly a treat for the coolies, a really lovely new independent store in our favourite part of town, E2, in Redchurch Street. It's called Hostem and is quite gorgeous inside, the walls are lined with a heavy starched linen that makes it feel like the inside of a campaign tent and the store design really evokes the Dickensian feel that original East End retail architecture sometimes has (Columbia Road particularly). 

There are scrubbed wooden floorboards and neatly suspended single bulb lights quietly illuminating a colour scheme of neutrals and naturals. I loved the cement filled leather bag, which acted as a  shop-card holder but would be a nifty way to use old handbags….fill 'em with cement or plaster and use them as pretty doorstops.

The clothes were from Rick Owens, Julius, Adam Kimmel, Mastermind Japan and Visvim, so not cheap, although there was a sale on when we went last week. I think we're talking investment dressing for MAD.

The team behind the store told us they were thinking of doing womenswear too as they have the second floor of the store currently sitting empty. We think this should be encouraged since this whole area is fast becoming the best place in London to pick up original and  beautiful clothes and according to one of the store owners along Redchurch Street, Christian Louboutin is scouting for property to open a store (you heard it here first…oh yes).

Hostem is at 41-43 Redchurch Street London E2 7DJ….just along from Caravan.

Old-school dads needs' next!

Thanks to Hypebeast for the pics



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