Shopping with experts: Freedom jewellery at Topshop

We’ve got a bit of a thing for jewellery at the moment, first it was the Jewels of the Kalahari, today it’s Freedom jewellery at Topshop.

After four hours spent with teenage godaughter in Topshop’s changing room on Saturday, I needed a reward for supportive behaviour so we headed up to the ground floor of the Oxford Circus branch and lost ourselves in accessories.

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of junk fashion jewellery to lift the spirits and make you feel good. Picking out the good from the down right tacky is tricky, particularly when faced with the overwhelming amount of jewellery in Topshop’s flagship Freedom section, and of course varies according to taste. Freedom jewellery is designed exclusively for Topshop and the sheer variety of design offered is enough to make you swoon.

The above bracelet, at £10, just called out to be bought. It is on elastic thread and is satisfyingly chunky and really rather beautifully made. Completely plastic, it has a nice solid sound (does that make sense?) to it and each rose is a miniature sculpture.

I couldn’t find this bracelet on the Topshop website, but that just makes me feel my trip was all the more worthwhile, sometimes you just gotta hit the store.

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  • You got it right with this one. Although I don't particularly like the jewellery you're showing, I do appreciate the way in which you can get the most out of this.

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