Trend alert: The midi

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As we speak the fashion editors around the world are scratching their heads and pondering the major question on every self respecting fashionistas lips this week, how can we re-invent midi skirt? What ridiculous name can we conjure up to convince those poor unsuspecting 'normal people' to buy into the latest skirt length.

You see we fashion sorts love a new term; the carrot leg, the jegging, pleather, the blacket (actually i just made that one up – must use that tomorrow!), which in laymans terms, mean you are buying either an unflattering baggy jean, jersey legging, or thin jacket. Our job is to re-invent the wheel and make you feel guilty and inadequate, if you haven't bought into the 'latest trend'. 

Well actually we don't think like that at all, but are well aware of the shortcomings of the industry we work in.

So this weeks style conundrum has been how to invent a skirt length that quite frankly makes any normal person look dumpy, and even the tallest and most willowy of beauties, look a bit like they are about to solve a murder in Midsomer. But if Karl says it's fashionable, then fashionable it is, and who are we to question. 

This week was the start of the couture collections in Paris, where designers show their latest OTT catwalk collections and the renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld featured several new versions of the midi length skirt at the Chanel show. 

Call us old fashioned, but to us it just looked a little dowdy and quite frankly old fashioned and not a look suitable for anyone under six feet. Grazia magazine were straight onto it and we are sure they will be doing a '10 ways to wear the midi' any day now, as they are already encouraging us to ' give it a chance', on Grazia Daily

We loved the re-worked proportions and the new take on tweed, and thought the beautifully embellished and embroidered fabrics were stunning. But we are just not convinced by the midi length. Maybe it reminds us too much of the button through dirndls we used to wear in the 70's. 

But watch this space, never say never, especially in fashion !

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