See this: Horrockses Fashions

Horrockses Fashions was one of the most respected ready-to-wear labels of the 1940's and 50's in the UK. Founded in 1946 it focused on production of high quality womens day, evening and beach wear and house coats and was famous for its bright cotton prints. It worked closely with artists like Eduardo Palozzi and Graham Sutherland, and the prints look as beautiful and relevant today as they did 60 years ago.

The new exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum features fashion photography, advertising material, sketch books, swatches and a stunning collection of the original garments.

It's a must for fashion and textile designers and fans of print and pattern from the 50's. We wanted to wear everything, if only our waists were that tiny!

There is also a lovely book to accompany the exhibition.  
We are thinking of starting a 'bring back the housecoat' campaign! Eat your heart out Betty Draper!

Horrockses Fashions - Off-the-Peg Style in the 40's and 50's
Fashion and Textile Museum
9th July – 24th October
83 Bermondsy St
London SE1 3XF

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