We Love; Aggies Pro Biotic range

I am not a fan of cleaning (who is) and am particularly disdainful of anything bearing the label anti bacterial. So my excuse for having grubby work surfaces and sticky cupboards, has always been that bacteria is good for you, it builds up immunity. 

I have never been sure my theory was actually true or just a good excuse to be a domestic slut, but I was delighted to find out that science is in fact on my side and there is a new range of products on the market, for all of us non OCD slummy mummies.

The very lovely Aggie Mackenzie (we have kids at the same school) has brought out a new range of delicious smelling pro-biotic cleaning products. They work in a similar way to pro-biotic food and focus on the theory that only 1% of bacteria is actually harmful and the other 99% are good for us. The products are clinically proven to kill off harmful germs for up to eight days and seem like a much more natural way to clean.

She gave us a bottle of the toilet cleaner, which smells lovely and actually works really well, which is rare with natural products. Much as we love the thought of anything from Ecover, I sometimes feel I may as well clean my toilet with a lemon, for all the good they do.

At the moment you can only buy the range at Ecoshop, but they will be available in the Autumn from our favourite shop Lakeland.

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