Holiday product tests: La Clarée

La claree creams TWR

We’ve only just begun to test beauty products here at TWR so we are not experts, but we do come at it from an ‘only comment if we’ve used it’ angle which means we’re not just reading the press releases. I got sent two of La Clarée’s products just before coming on holiday and because they were both in travel-friendly plastic tubes I brought the Oliv’ moisturising face cream (£28) and the Oliv’ moisturising body cream (18.50) with me. 

Today I noticed that I was pushing out the very last drop of the body cream as I have finished the tube. I did the same with the face moisturiser too and shortly after I took the above picture I cut the tops off both tubes to use up the very last bit, which I think indicates that I liked it a lot and would certainly pay hard cash for the body lotion, which has really softened my sun burnt skin nicely.

The range is French, and made from 98% natural ingredients (what was the 2% un natural is my immediate response to that statistic…but anyway) and 30% certified organic. It contains aloe vera, green tea, edelweiss and quite a lot of olive leaf extract (anti-oxidant rich apparently). More important to me is that it smelt lovely, a fresh, greeny-rather-than-flowery smell that worked well on a holiday to the Tuscan hills (all those olive trees…’s a bit like smell camouflage).

The face moisturiser was nice, but a bit light for my old and wrinkly skin, I had to put on two coats before the sun-blitzed-lizared effect was properly softened. Both are available from which is a find all on its own, it has great brands and a good blog. 

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