Call us shallow but: We SO want one of these

Quilted laptop bag
Call me glamorous, but I have been seen carrying my lap top round in a Wholefoods canvas bag. I know it's not a good look but I have never been able to find the perfect lap top bag. They are either too manly and officey or hideously quirky and girly!  Muji have an 'ok' canvas PC bag, but even that's a bit dull.

So when MAD sent us a link to this baby last week, we were beside ourselves. OMG it works on every level. Beautiful leather and you can choose from classic black, or bold red (not white  - for pity sake we live in London and get public transport!) or bright blue. What's not to love. Oh yes I forgot – the price. They start at £225!! 

If you have a teenage son or fashion loving partner check out the rest of the site.


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