See this: Polly Morgan and Joana Vasconcelos

Polly Morgan's inspiring Psychopomps at The Haunch of Venison gallery. 

The Haunch of Venison gallery in Burlington Gardens, London, is conveniently positioned between the shopping channels of Regent Street and Bond Street, giving you a chance to assuage your guilt at all that window shopping with a quick shot of culture. And it's free.

If you are passing it this week, pop in and see Polly Morgan's room full of Psychopomps, it'll only take a minute and it will brighten your day no end (we've mentioned Polly's work before).

Haunch of venison exhibition
If you have half an hour, stay and see Joana Vasconcelos's fantastic display of work, which ranges from crocheted lace covered statues, clanking and breaking china dogs on an industrial turntable and a glorious, hyper-real maze-in-the-dark Garden of Eden. I'd never heard of her, she's an established Portuguese artist and her work will inspire visual merchandisers, retailers and designers alike (inspiring website…see below).

Haunch of Venison 2
Haunch of Venison let us (and you if you visit) take pictures. Can we just say a BIG thank you to them for this. if only every store/exhibition/brand would be as accommodating. Both exhibitions are on until 25th September.

Polly Morgan's website

Joana Vasconcelos website

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