Middleagedmum.com: Things I thought I would never say

Is there some sort of gene that kicks in when you get past 40, that quite simply turns you into your mother? Almost overnight you start complaining in shops, worrying about the bin men, using up left overs and thinking there is nothing wrong with listening to the Archers. (Well there isn't is there?) 

Here are a list of things we never thought we would find ourselves saying:

I remember when there were only three TV channels and no daytime TV – cue blank looks from teens, while channel hopping, texting and chatting on Facebook. 'what did you say mum'?

You don't want to take the A12, you're much better going up the M11, onto the M25, then join the A12.

Was it on Tuesday or Wednesday, or even a Thursday? Oh I remember, it was a Tuesday because I'd been to the hairdressers and it was re-cycling day.

All they seem to do in Skins is have sex and take drugs.

Why do they have to shout? (when listening to rap) 

Excuse me are you serving or chatting? – In trendy trainer shop while shopping with teen

Trust me, I work in fashion, I know! – in same shop.

Are you old enough to be a Policeman/teacher/traffic warden?

I just want it to ring and text, nothing else, no camera, no music, no fancy bits – cue look of curiosity from young person in mobile phone shop.

Do you have to wear quite so much make-up for school?

It's school not a fashion show!

Yes I do like it, but I'm not so sure it needs to be quite so short?

Do you think you'll be warm enough?

Honestly chick peas are really really nice.

It's not going to kill you to eat something green for pity sake.

A little bit every day, that's the secret to revision.

Surely you can't concentrate on homework with music that loud.

You might be able to find your electrical appliance/gadget/school shirt/Oyster card etc etc, if you tidied that mess you call a bedroom.

My car, my radio and I like radio 4.

You can't go wrong with John Lewis.

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