Pore Professional

Pore Professional

I am not one for miracle products and I almost never spend ages browsing make up products. But on our recent trip to NYC, I was shopping with a cosmetics obsessed teen and spent far too long in the make-up departments of what seemed like every department and drug store in the city.

While on a girly shopping trip with my best friend and daughter we found ourselves in the Benefit section of Bloomingdales. The Benefit staff are very persuasive in any country (they slightly terrify me in Selfridges) but in NYC they are on another level altogether. So before we knew it, the teen, me and my friend, were laden with products destined to change our lives.

Cynical old feminist that I am, later that evening I was muttering under my breath about how much money I had been hoodwinked into spending, while applying the Pore Minimizing Cream. I don’t have great skin, but it isn’t hideous, but when I looked in the mirror OMG I couldn’t believe it, my pores had indeed disappeared. Then when I applied the Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid foundation (not available in the UK) I had been persuaded by the TV to buy earlier, I was astounded (not a word I use lightly). I had flawless skin. Well as flawless as you can get for a late 40 something, stressed out mother of teens, who likes more than the odd glass of red wine.

Ladies, I kid you not, this is a wonder product and is a ‘must have’ for even the most low maintenance, cosmetic cynics. In fact, especially for the non-believers, because after you use it, you may like me think, I really must pay more attention to what I look like and aspire to being more high maintenance – although I know I will never ever reach the standards of the average NY woman.

According the scary Selfridges Benefit staff, it will be available in the UK from the end of next week. You NEED to have this in you life.

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