Flash post: Martha Stewart does dog clothes

Marth pets
I'm sorry about this. I JUST couldn't resist. It's a miserable wet day in London, another one. And as we head towards our final bank holiday weekend until Christmas, the forecast is not so good at all. So I thought this might cheer everyone up.

Martha Stewart (y'all know we LOVE ex jail bird Martha) sells dog clothes, accessories and grooming kits, via Pet Smart. We have many friends with dogs and Jane is under immense pressure to buy one currently, so we know this will be of interest. Yes, your wee canine (we notice they are very small dogs in the pics, hard to imagine a doberman wearing the baby blue bath robe for $16.99) can be dressed by Martha and Pet Smart if you are lucky enough to live in the US. Our favourite? The sequined skeleton sleeveless T, $16.99 (shipping extra). Love it.

Martha and Pet Smart found via Racked

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  • avril says:

    This is a pirate, you should be careful what you wish for. I think we should stay with dog sweaters, because this dog is friendly only in this picture.

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