We love: sprats at St John, Spitalfields

Today M.A.D and I went to view the Surreal House exhibition at the Barbican art gallery in London, it was very dull. OK, I know that's a wickedly shallow thing to say, I'm sure lots of people loved it and it's always good to try these things, but I just don't get the Surrealists. I mean, the piano hanging upside down? All that odd stuff about mothers? Not clever to me, just oddly annoying.

To cheer ourselves up we went to St John's Bread & Wine in Spitalfields and had sprats, served with magenta pink cabbage. They were shimmering with a golden sheen on their white china plate. They looked so good we almost didn't eat them…almost.

St John Bread & Wine, is the best place to eat in Spitalfields and its sister restaurant in Smithfield is equally fab. Regulars might like to be reminded that Fergus Henderson, owner and all round offal wizard, is opening his new hotel in Soho in October. Bookings for the new restaurant and rooms will be taken from late September….bound to be good so get in fast.

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