We love: More 40+ women in September issues

Compiled 40 plus cover images

Thrilling to see so many 40+ women in the September issues of fashion magazines this autumn. In the US, the big September issues of Vogue (Halle Berry) Elle (Julia Roberts) and Harpers Bazaar (Jennifer Anniston) are using women who are all over 40. Yeah! Ok, so I realise they are rather glossy versions of what we all really look like, but it's a start, so we should cheer. 

For the big autumn advertising campaigns, brands are doing something similar, with Pringle using Tilda Swinton, Louis Vuitton (and Italian Vogue) using Christy Turlington and Talbots using Linda Evangilista. Kristen McMenamy is EVERYWHERE, in Italian and US Vogue and Madonna, bless her, is in Dolce & Gabbana's ad, along with a rather fetching older lady ( we love her turban) who we think rather steals Big M's thunder….what do you reckon?

Intro photos 02 Madonna for Dolce & Gabanna

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