Style icon: Chantal Biya

Chantal Biya

Ok, we may be being a little ironic here when we call the first lady of Cameroon Chantal Biya a style icon, as she isn't really stylish in the conventional sense. But there is something truly fabulous about her, in an over the top, camp kind of a way. 

Her 80's Farrah Fawcett flicks/Joan Holloway red, huge hair reminds us of a huge ginger mane and is a legend in it's own right and she is fond of wearing one colour from head to toe, which is going to be huge trend for next Spring summer. We have a sneaky suspicion she has dressed like this since the early 80's and has developed her own unique look regardless of current trends.

What we really love about her is her totally ability and to overshadow every single celebrity she meets, even the first lady!

She also looks like great fun, go Chantal, we love you!

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