We love: ‘Dr’ Gillian on I’m a Celebrity


As you know, I have a serious reality TV addiction and may have to get it seen to at some point, but for the next couple of weeks at least, I will be glued to the new series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and I don't care if you judge me!

Amanda has developed somewhat of an addiction too and while we realise it is mean to laugh at other people rather than with them, that is more or less the whole point of the show and let's face it, they do ask for it. So we are totally loving Dr (dubious term) Gillian McKeith's antics in the new series. The main reason being, if you stuck either of us (or in fact most people) in the jungle surrounded by unknown insects, hideous lovers of Cheeky Girls and Playboy bunnies we would be screaming, crying and moaning just as much as her.

We love the way she shreeks (Catherine Tate style) when anything moves, and is in a state of constant anxiety about the prospect of encountering any kind of creature. She declared on the first programme that she has 'a series phobia of insects' (who hasn't), so one has to wonder why she would actually put herself through the agony of appearing on a show featuring every kind of huge creepy crawly you could ever imagine. But we are glad she did, as we havent seen anything so funny in ages.

We did feel really sorry for her last night when she shuffled over the bridge like a reallife Mrs Overall (I've always said that bridge looks scary) only to freak out so much during a trial, that she had to be given oxygen! Of course the British public being the kind and caring people that they are, then voted for her to do tonights trial too!!

Next series though, they have to get my best friend to appear, cos if you think Gillian is hilarious around insects you really haven't seen anything!! 

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