Christmas present wish list: Gertrude Jekyll vases

Gertrude Jekyll_Flower Glass Group Shot

These are GORGEOUS. It's too greedy to want them all so we're going to have to whittle the choice down to just one. Jane and I have a total weakness for vases (Jane has a beautiful collection that I am very jealous of) so these would be the perfect present for us ( should any MAD be listening…)

Gertrude Jekyll was a lady who knew about proportion and design and was deeply frustrated at not being able to find a vase that perfectly showed off the lovely flowers she grew, so she designed a range herself. The Munstead Flower vases (named after her own house and  garden) were first launched in 1880 but look just perfect to use today. The vase designs had been long forgotten, until her great, great niece Christina Freyberg unearthed the original drawings in a drawer. They are also reasonably priced and range from £25 for the smallest to £49 for the big one. 

Check out the website for details on the small range of stockists and the useful guide which suggest the best size to buy for a range of different cut flowers. Lovely stuff, buy quickly as I bet the first run will sell out fast.

BTW, is anyone else slightly miffed that they never find anything of worth hidden in old drawers? What with that Chinese vase that was discovered hanging around a garage that went for £43 million and these vase designs, I've checked our house but only discovered some Twix wrappers and tattered old Pokemon cards….

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