Top Shop A/W 2011: A nostalgic moment

When I saw the these images from the new Top Shop Autumn Winter ad campaign, I immediately loved them and wanted everything. Then I had to have a little word and remind myself how old and I am and how horribly wrong this look would look on a 40 something woman. When re-creating a look for the second or even third time, one has to ask if perhaps it may be better to take one or two elements of the look and adapt them to your own style.

Having a conversation with a another 40 something fashion friend this week, we both agreed how hard it is to stick to one look as you get older, as we are fashion butterflies and our natural inclination is to embrace new trends wholeheartedly! I always feel slightly jealous of people who wear only Commes Des Garcons, or are known for their trademark black. It would make shopping and getting dressed in the morning much much easier.

So for now, it is with regret, I will be leaving the 80’s rockabilly look well alone. Oh but hang on,  I did buy a pair of pony skin brother creepers recently, much to my families horror!
Once a fashion victim, always a fashion victim!!


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