Style icons from Arcadia: Gordon Richardson


This is Gordon from Topman, where he is design director. We LOVE Gordon’s style, every time we see him he is rocking a completely new look and it’s always brilliantly executed. At Arcadia’s press day last week it was -unusually for him- a skinny suit, in a grey knobbly marl wool, worn with a button up white shirt and tartan embroidered hanky in the pocket. The trousers were short and turned up over the lace up boots, all from Topman, obviously.

We would love Gordon to do a range for women our age as we think he would get what it is to love fashion but not want to look like an 18 year old. Every time we see him we nag him about it, couldn’t he twist Sir Philip Green’s arm to fund him in an Arcadia venture?

C’mon Gordon, we’ll help! What could we call it? Topdog, Topmam, Topwoman, OldTop, suggestion please, they’ve got to be better than mine…

Meanwhile, here are a couple of very nice jackets from the Topman spring summer 2011 range that might be suitable for any MADs in your life. Picked by Gordon.



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