Christmas wish list: Ormonde Jayne’s Gold Creme

Ormande jayne window

The festive window at the new Ormonde Jayne store

There's a nice new shop in Sloane Square for perfume lovers, Ormonde Jayne, the perfumery created by Linda Pilkington. It is the second stand alone store for the brand, which has also recently opened an outlet in the Harrods perfume hall. For the opening last week the store had a festive Christmas window that made us feel quite deck-the-halls-ish with its pretty, suspended ribbons and baubles.

Owner Linda Pilkington is fiercely passionate about the quality of her products, as are most of the perfumers we mention here, the shop experience is about as far from the blind-panic-duty-free-perfume-purchase as you could possibly get. I love listening to the staff describe the perfumes, they use lovely words and evoke enviable emotions, a bit like the wine trade really. 

I know it's all marketing, but you do feel they are very knowledgable about their product, which I always like. 

For the party season, Linda recommends her new Gold Crème, a sparkly creme for your shoulders and décolleté which is also lightly perfumed with either  the Orris Noir or Ta'if fragrances. it's £56 for a pot, which probably makes it cheaper than a new party dress.

You can purchase online, and our US readers might like to know that the brand will ship to the States, as Ormonde Jayne is currently not available for sale anywhere over there. If you want a smell that no one else has then this might be worth thinking about.

Linda says the discovery set at £42, which has a small bottle of each of the fragrences available, is a good place to start and a nice gift too. 

Ormonde Jayne, 192 Pavillion Road, Sloane Square London.

Also in Harrods and The Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London.

and of course, online

Ormande jayne glod creme

The Gold Creme 

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