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We are indebted to TWR reader Lorna for telling us about the wonderful nerdboyfriend.com, a blog refreshingly devoid of any words/details of who writes it/about page/titles/anything.

Instead it is a picture guide to how celebrity men used to dress pre stylists….(there's a lot from the 70s, which is alarming when you consider this is the decade de jour for fashion designers) and a helpful dissection of the look and where to buy it now, should you want to look like a tragic throwback from the Professionals.

To be fair they are not all cringeworthy, some look rather lovely and the Tony Curtis and Marilyn Munroe picture has Tony in some very fetching white brougue-y lace ups that look very contemporary. Woody Allen looks no different now than when he was funny (back in the mid 70s) and appears to be wearing the same clothes.

So if your middle aged partner has a hankering to look like Eric Clapton circa 1980, Andy Warhol, any of The Beatles or indeed Samuel Beckett, then this blog can help you find just the check shirt, cuban heel boot, red lensed round glasses or suede tie shoe. It is of course quite possible he might look at the blog and think it quite contemporary, I can think of a couple of friends who would probably miss the irony of it and say 'Oh! I've been looking for a good supplier of Fairisle tank tops, my one is a bit threadbare….' 

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