My favourite Christmas present: A foot massager

This has the feel of a slightly tragic post and I can hardly believe I'm sharing this with you, but my favourite Christmas present this year was a Homedics shiatsu foot massage machine. Doesn't that sound like something out of the back pages of a Sunday Magazine advert? You know, the ones that show old people getting into baths that have doors cut into the side….What are we coming to here at TWR?

I suffer from cold feet, so middleagadad (yes it was his present to me this year……romantic eh?) decided that I needed a machine that warmed up my feet before coming to bed and since I spend a lot of my time on my feet trudging around looking at retail spaces, a massage function will be a welcome addition at the end of a hard walking day. It works rather well and is now ensconced under my work table warming and manipulating as I type. There is nothing beautiful about the design, it has no redeeming 'cool' features, it just warms and soothes my feet. 

Should you be interested, you can get one from here

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