Style Icon: Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson

It may soon be time to hunt out that string of pearls you know you have somewhere in the attic, as the Wallis Simpson look is about to become big.

Our favourite (or not so favourite, depending on your view) aging pop star and would be movie star, Madonna, is in the process of directing and starring in a new film about Wallis Simpson's life. Whatever you think about the material girls acting abilities, you can guarantee this movie will have a huge effect on fashion. Just take a look at that fabulous outfit on the top right, woudn't you just love to wear that now – I know I would!

The Edwardians seem to be featuring heavily in the media lately, what with Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs and now W.E (we can only assume that stands for Wallis and Edward?), which began filming in the UK in the spring of 2010. We are not sure when it's released, but will keep you updated.

For now, you might want to start looking for jewellery to complete the look. Apparently Wallis Simpson's famous panther bracelet recently sold at auction for a staggering £8 million and the buyer was rumoured to be Madonna! Do you think she may be slightly obsessed?

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