Tom Ford’s Summer show 2011

You might remember we talked about Tom Ford's ultra secret Summer 2011 show back in September. Well, here is the show in all its glossy, glamourous glory. Now obviously we're not for one minute suggesting that these are clothes you should go out an buy. For starters NO ONE save the very rich can afford 'em, it's nigh on impossible to get hold of them, as they are only sold in Tom Ford shops for this spring and the rest of us are too fat to wear them anyway. 


Mr Ford influences the fashion world BIG TIME and he used a substantial amount of lovely looking older women in his show, in fact most of the women modelling look as if they are over 35, which in itself is pretty sensational (it's fashion, remember). So for this reason, as we said back in September, he gets our vote.

The totally glamourous, film-star-fabulous feel of the video is also something of a joy, OK so we're NEVER gonna get there in terms of glossiness, but it's a lovely thing to watch on a cold January day. What do you think of the clothes?

Found via the lovely Fashionista

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