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This doesn't look like the coolest new shop in London, does it? Situated on the street Jane describes as 'what used to be the frontline of the drugs trade in Dalston', it doesn't even have a nice entrance, let alone windows. It's next door neighbour is The North London Plant Hire. Not only is it miles from anywhere,BUT you also have to make an appointment to view, which seems mighty poncey to me, so we were all ready to write it off as pretentious twaddle as we rocked up to see the place yesterday.

And as is the way with these things, as soon as we were met at the door, by the charming Jonny Nash, who took us down to the basement store, we just loved it. The space -which must have been pretty grim before it was taken over- has been transformed into a magical set of rooms with corridors made out of forests, perspex and plywood. 

To be honest it was the store interior that wowed us hugely, the clothes are beautifully set out and the fixtures and displays are all bespoke, made by talented set designer Gary Card. The fashion is from brands such as Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, Preen, Dries Van Noten (men only currently) and an interesting new designer we loved called Damir Doma (this one and this one), so we're talking pricey. Although there is a good sale on, and they sell books. 

It's called LN-CC (Late Night Chameleon Café…deliberately abstract apparently) and if you are in the area (well, close-ish) then it's worth popping in, they are jolly nice people too, service is very helpful and they will happily spend time with you giving you styling help.

Phone before you go, although this sounds utterly pretentious it is to ensure there is someone there to help you properly, as the space is also the warehouse for the busy online shop. Don't be put off.

LN-CC, 8-24 Shacklewell Lane, E82EZ, tel 0203 1740736

If you do go, pop around the corner to the lovely Mouse & de Lotz tea shop for a reviving slice of home made cake and cuppa. 

103 Shacklewell Lane, E82HB.


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