We think we are going to love: Boden, Limited Edition

Boden Limited Edition
Johnnie Boden is quite possibly the poshest person I’ve ever met, apart from my friend Josie, who is so posh her grandmother used to dress in mens clothes, now that is posh!

We’ve actually only met Johnnie briefly, a couple of times. Once when he was showing Mary Portas round the Boden press show, we had a conversation about the blog (Johnnie loves it BTW!) and Amanda and I were desperately trying to press our Womens Room cards into Marys hand, with me babbling ‘we used to work together’. But that’s another story…..

Anyway, we have mentioned before how much we really like Boden and we think the new Limited Edition range sounds like a great idea.  It does what it says on the tin and is only available in small quantities, which means you won’t be bumping into other women in Southwold/Paidstow/Whitstable this summer wearing exactly the same skirt. They are also using more luxurious fabrics and a more focused colour palette.

We haven’t actually seen the range yet, so are reserving judgment. But it sounds like a great idea and we like the look of some of the styles, particularly the dresses, which seem to have a vintage feel.

Available in February, check out the Boden website regularly for updates. We think Johnnie might have out poshed himself this time!

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