More Martha moments: wearing scarves.

Scarf 01

Our more fashion aware readers will know that this season the scarf is back in the fold (sorry, irresistible pun) in terms of trend. It's mostly the fault of Hermés, what with its pop up store in trendy Shoreditch pre Christmas and its cute I Love My Scarf site, showing you fun ways to tie them…

But only if you are under 25 years old it seems. The site is full of youngsters wearing scarves that they will soon have to flog to pay for their education, one Hermés scarf can buy about a term's worth of lectures I would think. But I digress….

No where on the site is there inspiration for anyone who is not a 'bright young thing', so we'll have to make it up ourselves. I recently dug out my vast collection of old square scarves which I find very difficult to wear now without feeling frumpy. Tying one around my neck just makes me feel like Princess Anne and the knot is never quite where it needs to be. So I got creative with an old buckle I've had in my sewing box for a while. 

To make the buckle do what a knot normally does, fold a square scarf in half, or get the square neatly concertinaed into a line, slip the two ends through the buckle and pull to where you need it to be. This type of buckle lies nice and flat AND you can make it sit where ever is best. 

My local junk shop has loads of these buckle things, I picked this plastic carved one up for £2.50 ages ago, they are worth looking out for. I see loads of odd diamanté shoe buckles going cheap, which would be rather fab and add a touch of sparkle. I think Martha would approve…..(BTW I love these fingerless mittens one of Martha's minions has made on the craft blog). Do use our TWR search bar (on the right hand column of the blog here) to search for other Martha Moment ideas we've had, in homage to our favourite craft goddess.


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