A Modern Dilemma: too many re-usable bags

Bag 01

I was shopping on Saturday with youngest teenage son, we were in Puma and the nice girl behind the till asked if, for an extra £1, I'd like a reuseable bag? My response rather alarmed her…."NO! no no no no…please, I'l pay £1 NOT to have another reusable bag" I said (actually, screeched) poor lamb. 

My pile of re-useable bags are becoming a modern dilemma, I have too many, so many  in fact that I can do a colour and style coordinated photo shoot of them. I have ones that use the colour and word green, above, and smart graphic ones….

Bag 03

And decorative floral ones and ones with great illustrations….
Bag 02

Ones with stripes or cleverly used collages and photos…..

Bag 04

And simple but strong canvas ones (my favourite).

Bag 05
And this is just the lot that were hanging around the kitchen this morning, so the last thing I need is any more. In fact I could do with editing the collection, by that I mean throw some away, but that just feels so very WRONG, right? I have tried very hard to use them everywhere, in the car, for laundry, for travel, but there are limits. None of my friends want any as they are all struggling with their own bag mountains of their own.

Obviously they are far better than plastic bags, but since they really DO seem to last forever, is there a cut off point at which you might need to say to retailers 'I'm sorry, we're not accepting any more re-useable bags in this household currently, we'll let you know when there's an opening'?

What are you doing with yours? Is it just me? 

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