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What did we ever do without Twitter to keep us up to date with everything from celebrity gossip, news, politics and trends, to who’s walking the dog in the park? We’ve said it before, but it really is the modern day equivalent of gossiping over the garden fence, except you can do it with your favourite fashion and beauty journalists, bloggers, celebrities and of course your real life friends.

Women are particularly good at it, as talking and communicating is our thing. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant (within reason – there are some things you just don’t share!) we can reduce it down to 140 characters and share it with our community, knowing there is someone out there who is listening (actually it’s better than real life, cos I don’t know about you, but no-one listens to me at home!!). We have two rules when twittering, it has to be informative or funny, a bit like a conversation.

So for those of you already on Twitter, apologies for this post, as you will already know about the BaByliss Big Hair dryer, as everyone was talking about it on Twitter like months ago (insert teenage voice!).

I only just got around to buying it last week as I am not a fan of blow drying, actually make that, I HATE blow drying and never, ever do it. I am always amazed when I come out of the hairdressers with someone elses hair and spend a lot of time swinging my sleek and shiny new helmet of hair around in a ‘is that girl wearing Harmony hairspray’ kind of way, but watching the poor junior stylist, twisting and turning that big brush for what seems like hours (is it just me, or does a visit to the hairdressers make you fidgety?) I know there is absolutely no way I am ever going to achieve that look at home. I’m sorry but life’s just too short to spend so long on something that’s essentially dead!

So in a last ditch attempt to look groomed in a New York kind of a way (I made a resolution in the summer to become more high maintenance) I bought the Big hair thingy that all my favourite beauty bloggers/journos had been going on about on Twitter. And yes ladies I can truthfully say, it is fabulous. Its like (sharp intake of breath) someone else blow drying your hair! Ok you do actually have to spend a little bit of time on it. But because the brush rotates, it takes all that pulling and turning action out of the process and its actually quite relaxing. And it makes you hair look really sleek, and if you so require – really big. Slap on a bit of serum afterwards and you could be presenting Good Morning America.

The only problem is now, yes you’ve guessed it, it has mysteriously disappeared into the bowels of the teens bedroom.

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