The Flower Appreciation Society

Thanks to WR reader Hilary for telling us about The Flower Appreciation Society, which is now bookmarked in our favourites bar.

Founders Anna and Ellie have backgrounds in illustration and textile design and a mutual love of flowers. They make quirky, natural and beautiful flower displays for any occasion, using English seasonal flowers and masses of foliage. They also write a lovely blog, featuring gorgeous images of their previous projects. It’s a must for lovers of flowers and fashion and textile designers.

It seems we are on the same wave length when it comes to ‘flower arranging’. On the left is one by the Flower Appreciation Society and the right is my mantelpiece this week.

Don’t you just love a pottery swan?!


  • Louise says:

    Stunning! love their website and hand painted illustrations – what a lovely find!

  • Oh yes we love a ceramic swan at MFH. When we went to Ardingly the other day we’d both decided we were looking for some. Luckily there were none, otherwise there might have been a blog schism over who got it.

  • Jane says:

    eBay has loads well unless I have bought them all, and Vintage Heaven on Columbia Rd, but they are expensive there. You can never have too many pottery swans or dogs or vases………. or so I tell my family! Jx

  • Amanda says:

    I want to go about wearing one of those lovely giant corsages in a tweedy jacket for the rest of the winter please….A

  • Rachel says:

    These are so beautiful! I was staring at all the flowers I kept coming across today in my shopping. Just so lovely to have around the house, especially in cute little swans!

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