New Look’s denim tunic

Denim tunic

We are huge fans of the tunic dress, it covers a multitude of sins and can be worn over cigarette leg trousers, coloured tights or skinny jeans if you dare do ‘double denim’.

We love the Stella McCartney take on denim for Spring Summer as it’s all about simple clean lines and understated simplicity. But honestly, who in their right mind would spend £435 on the above tunic dress – lovely as it is?

We are usually advocates of spending money on quality and will defend designers high prices by explaining to non fashion friends, the amount of detail, beautiful fabric or complicated cut that has gone into creating a garment. But there are times when my designer background and (albeit limited) knowledge of pattern cutting has me raging at the ridiculous prices we are expected to pay for a label. And this is one of them, I have no doubt the denim used is of the highest quality, but give me an over locker and industrial sewing machine and even I could run this little number up.

So instead, I will be going New Look and buying this rather lovely tunic dress for £28.99, which will be in stores soon. No-one needs to know!!


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