We love: A hat from Anthropologie

Having lost my Panama hat to youngest-teenageson earlier this week, I felt I absolutely HAD to buy this Anthropologie one I discovered on a quick dash into the Regent Street store last week. When I took it home and showed the boys, they fell about laughing at its size and general OTT-ness. M.A.D said I should avoid putting it on the ground as people might start having a picnic on it and youngest teen started to hum ‘Casa Bonita’ from South Park….

I however, absolutely love it’s Margo Ledbetter tendencies and should point out that Its large brim means I can a) Read in the sun without squinting b) Not worry about getting pinkly burnt shoulders/back of neck/nose c) People watch to me heart’s content. It’s general giant-ness (it has a 7 inch brim) is, I think quite glamourous, it’s ALL about the big floppy 70s style hat this season and since I mostly wear black swim suits, I think will brighten up my beach appearance nicely.

My last hat, bought here, is still one of my favourite ever, but the lack of crown means things can get a little hot on the beach and it’s best kept for cooler climes. This Anthropologie one cost £68.00 and is made from 84% paper, so perhaps I’d better not wear it in the rain, sadly it’s not on the Anthro website.

What do you think? Too big or totally fab?

PS While we are on Anthropologie, you might like to know that artist Leslie Oschmann who made the lovely bags we mentioned here has a small exhibition on currently in the Kings Road store, featuring things she makes for Swam. Photo via Pia Jane Bijkerk


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