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One of our old day-job colleagues has got involved in a new website venture that aims to satisfy your every need in terms of holiday purchasing. Called Style-Passport, it rounds up an edited selection of clothes and beauty products you might need for beach/city/weekend away holidays. It's the sort of idea that when you see it you think 'why didn't I do that?' as it has the potential to be very useful. 

As I'm about to go on holiday and have done nothing to prepare, I thought I'd give it a practise run (all in the name of research of course, I'm suffering as I buy ladies). I ordered the Panama hat, which youngest teen has grabbed for his holiday wardrobe, the Becca beach tint in fig so I can look gorgeous on the beach (I'll undoubtably forget I have it and it'll swirl around the bottom of the beach bag for the duration) and the Invisible ZInc factor 30 (which I had never heard of but has a nice creamy texture). The boys wanted the Carmex cherry lip protection, which they oddly think is fabulous.

I nearly bought the matchstick jeans, which look a nice shape for summer with their turned up hems and the simply lovely Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses (a bonkers price for sunglasses but I've had Linda Farrow glasses before and they are beautifully made). I would have bought a swimsuit but the range is a little short on gorgeous one pieces and I'm not great in a bikini although the big-pant Diane Von Furstenberg ones looked promising. If you ask the team a question there's a woosh noise as you send your email, a bit like a plane passing over head, I'd quite like to add this feature to my inbox, it would make sending mail a whole lot more exciting.

The beauty section is very good, as are the bags and shoes and if nothing else the categories give you a check list to work through when you get that last minute panic. There are more brands to be added, including Converse, Halston Heritage and Pendleton, which will improve the breadth of offer. I'm going to keep coming back to it as I think it will only get better as the team build on their selection.

Now, if they could just sort out leg waxing, pedicure arranging, a trip to Uniqlo for teenagesons holiday needs and pack my bag, I'll be sorted.


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