Royal Wedding: the highlights

The happy couple and the dress

I started the day of ‘the wedding’ somewhat cynically, not helped by the dog walkers of N16 who all proclaimed they ‘would not be watching’. One woman was really miffed as her childrens gay Dad’s were going to allow them to watch and she and her partner disapproved! So Stoke Newington.

Then I logged onto Twitter and found myself applying bunting to our Avatar and Tweeting ‘I will be swinging between patriot and anarchist today in my usual champagne socialist way.’

And there you have it, on one hand I am appalled by the whole thing and on the other just cant help loving it.

I watched the ceremony with a group of fashion mavens and highlights from the conversation included.

Look at that sleeve head, that’s not right! Head to toe yellow is so not a good look. Is that embroidery or is it applique? It’s McQueen. Oh how gorgeous is that bridesmaids dress, understated simplicity. WOW that is gorgeous!

Us fashion sorts are not easy to please. But we all loved Kate’s dress. A true princess in every sense of the word. Understated, elegant and modern with a touch of vintage and boy did she look beautiful. Even the most cynical anti Royalists can’t argue with that. I even shed a tear!

The in laws The in laws

I spent a great deal of time texting and tweeting my best friend in NY. We like to make up scenarios French and Saunders style about people we dont know (like you do) especially celebrities and decided the Middleton’s are probably quite nice people, especially the Dad. We think William loves going to their house and they all have pet names for each other – we probably both need to get a life, but thats how we roll!

My favourite Tweet of the day was from Grace Dent, ‘Middleton mother currently locked in bog alone, claws clutching sink, silently mouthing into mirror ‘Good Girl, Carol we fucking DID IT.’

Article-0-0BD24A2800000578-507_634x450 The brother

Hello, where did he come from!! All the girls and gays are loving the brother. James Middleton it’s all out there for the asking. Watch this space…………………

The sister The one who really got lucky

What’s not to like. Prince Harry on your arm, all the interesting bits about being Royal and none of the hideous hand shaking and boring tours of Australia. Pippa Middleton, a shade lighter on the spray tan and the worlds your oyster too….


The HatsThe hats

How did posh’s hat stay on her head (we think she has a secret Unicorn horn) and didn’t Nick Cleggs wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez’s hat look fab. Shame her husband doesn’t have as much balls!

The worst outfits The worst outfits

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Were Beatrice and Eugenie auditioning for bit parts in Dr Who, or were they doing pantomime later in the day?

And you’ve got to love Princess Anne!

The people youd want on your table The people you’d want on your table

Tara Palmer Tomkinson so that we could discuss ‘the nose’, Prince Harry to flirt with and dodgy uncle Gary as he arrived in a bright blue Rolls Royce and lives in a house called La Maison de Bang Bang!

Another favourite Grace Dent tweet, ‘Cokey Uncle Gaz waiting on helipad at Casa Bang Bang, Ibiza. still time for a cheeky one.

And last but not least, the absolutely insane people who camped out on the streets of London! Fearne Cottons brief from the BBC must surely have been ‘go out there and find the loons Fearne’.

What a fabulous day, I don’t know about about you but I’m going for a lie down!

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