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Bunting_1879429cRegent Street

And will be glued to our televisions this morning. So check back later for our low down on who wore what, etc etc.

In the mean time why not make up you royal wedding guest name!!
Start with Lord or Lady, then the first name of one of your grandparents, then your first pets name, then the name of the first street you lived on.

Today I am Lady Isabella Toby-Heathwood. Now where is that tiara…….


  • jude says:

    Lady Winifred Skip-Brecknock is also glued to the TV. Likely to remain in pyjamas until the bitter end.

  • cathy says:

    Lady Beatrice Tibbs-Redesdale enjoyed the event enormously and is now quite fatigued.

  • steffi says:

    You may call me Lady Hedwig Ali-Ennismore.

  • Oscar38 says:


  • John67 says:

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