We love: The Peace Collection by Christine Mayer

Anyone who read Selvedge this month will have seen the beautiful photos from Christine Mayer’s Peace collection. I looked at them and thought ‘hmm, lovely’ then forgot to do anything more.

Then this weekend my discerning and very stylish friend Nick came back from some smart art party in Berlin having seen someone wearing what he thought was a cracking jacket. He asked where it was from and it was one of Christine Mayer’s. When something comes back at you like that it’s time to pay attention.

Christine makes her designs from old uniforms, flour bags, dish clothes and other pre used fabrics she finds around Europe, recycling them into one off and very distinctive designs. You couldn’t have too much of it in the wardrobe, but one of the embroidered jackets or linen shirts would work well with clean cut trousers or even jeans. It reminds me a bit of the wonderful Junky Styling, but seem’s a little more romantic, less urban than Junky.

I love the styling on the website photos (you can down load the look books from each collection) and it makes sense to learn the Christine is also a very well known theatre costume designer in Germany, with a very strong vision of what she wants (some of her work can be seen on the website). These photos are from both the summer and next autumn’s range, altho apart from a stockist in Amsterdam, I can’t see where else they are sold. It’s the sort of thing that might turn up in Few & Far.


Picture 8

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