Story Deli is back


We were devastated when the wonderful Story Deli closed suddenly with out any warning, as it was one of favourite places to go for inspiration and pizza when hanging out in Brick lane. It turns out their rather unscrupulous landlords turfed them out with only 10 days notice, which was devastating for them and disappointing for their many loyal customers.

When owner Lee told us they had re-opened in another location, we couldn’t wait to check it out and went along last weekend.

The new space although much smaller than the Dray Walk shop, looks just as lovely. In fact in some ways the slightly more pared down, simpler approach is more relaxed and intimate. The ultra thin pizzas are still delicious (we had chorizo and rocket) and the cafe was full of old customers who were ecstatic to be able to eat them again.

Lee told us this is just a temporary space, lent to them by a friend, until they can find a more permament site. So we will keep you posted if they move again. Until then you can find them at 64 Sclater Street, just off Brick Lane.

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