Clerkenwell Design Week: the stylish dressers


Ella is on the left, Lulu on the right

Clerkenwell Design Week gave us the opportunity to spot a few stylish dressers and to quizz them about where they get their clothes.

Above is the lovely designer Ella Doran who is wearing a cotton frock bought last season at Whistles, the designer is Sarah Arnett. She's also wearing APC shoes.

Lulu Guinness was promoting her new Clerkenwell clutch handbag by creating a human sized 'pin art machine', where you could press your body into a pin sculpture for all to see. We're not sure where Lulu's dress is from, she was a bit busy to ask. We suspect vintage.


Nigel on the left, Jodie on the right

This is Nigel Coates on the left, a very well respected chap in the design world. I had no idea who he was as I bossed him about asking where his clothes came from, Jane filled me in after I'd press ganged him into posing. He charmingly obliged .

He remembered exactly where everything came from: jacket- Prada, shirt- Topshop, jeans- Unconditional, belt- SBU (from Rome), Socks- from Japan, specs from Mito, Italy and shoes from Clarks. He was wearing some jolly nice rings too.

On the right is Jodie, who looks fab in her Daniela Gregis dress, bought a while ago. We also loved her Kate Kanzier grey suede brogues, which were very reasonably priced at £30.


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