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Shortly after I wrote about sales starting on Monday’s post, I got an interesting email from the team who run Salesgossip.co.uk letting me know that there was a Hobbs seasonal sale on from 28/05 to 5/06 (in case I wanted to buy the skirt we were talking about). It seems that the dates for pretty much every sale, including store, pop up, flash (whatever that is) sample and online can be found on their very useful website.

This is quite exciting. I know that in the US, sale alert sites are used a lot by shoppers, but I haven’t seen that many here in the UK and none where every sale in London is listed (the service is very new so currently London only, but expansion to the rest of the UK is coming shortly). Since we all nose dived into the recession, I’m conscious that I plan buying around sales much more (when I’m buying at all…) and in a survey Salesgossip undertook before launching it discovered that over half of us buy 30% of our clothes in the sale and the number of us holding back to buy only in the sales is increasing. Not really surprising,

I often get emails from my favourite retailers on when their sale will start, but this site allows you to check everyone. One of the most useful functions is the mobile site, accessed from all types of phones. Co founder Elizabetta told us “The mobile site is crucial for our service, the cool thing about it is that it also embeds a map, detecting where you are and therefore enabling you to know on the go where the closest sales are.” Mmm, I like the sound of that.

The site is still new, the search button, for example, is not that sophisticated yet and it’s not that pretty to look at (does it need to be?) AND it’s just London as of today, but I’m bookmarking it for future reference. One of the things I like is that it tells you where all of a brand’s stores are in a really easy list, often if you want to locate stores for a brand it takes ages to download the site -specially on a mobile- and even then you have to hunt hard.

One to watch I think, what do you reckon, useful or not?



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