To My Best Friends by Sam Baker

We are grateful to Sandy Lewis for this review

“This book is a chick lit summer read and it certainly does what it says on the tin. Runs loosely along the ‘Sex in the City’ formula, give or take, although more Muswell Hill than New York. It’s about four best friends who hit their third decade with one of them, Nicci, dying of cancer. (I know, a bit bleak for on the beach with a Pinna Colada, but it never gets too grim) She leaves specific, if rather barking mad requests by way of ‘instruction letters’ to each of her mates, and her widowed husband David. They all try to honour her requests and chaos ensues. Mildly predictable, but still an enjoyable read. Not the usual type of book I’d normally go for, but I read it with speed and enthusiasm cover to cover – actions speak louder than words.” Sandy Lewis

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