A TWR treat: A case of Dorset Cereals

As a SPECIAl treat for finding us in our new location, you are welcome to try and win a whole case (12 boxes, which is A LOT) of Dorset Cereals today. Just by leaving a comment below.

A 12-box case of the Dorset Cereals Good Honest Crunch arrived on the doorstep a while ago, kindly sent by the company for us to consider featuring.  I carefully split the load in half, in order to hand over Jane’s share when I next saw her. The rest I offered up to teenagesons and their frequently-overnight- staying friends to try.

I am always a tiny bit concerned about teenagesons’ breakfast routine; often ‘breakfast’ happens at around 2.00pm, or pre sleep/post pub at around 2.00am and it’s always a giant bowl of Sugar Puffs or Honey Nut Loops, basically anything that’s sugar coated. Add chocolate (Coco Pops) and the boxes are lucky to make it to the cupboard from the Ocado delivery before being wolfed down. Offer them porridge, muesli or a healthy fruit salad with yoghurt (mine and MAD’s breakfast of choice) and they scoff in horror.

I thought the Crunch looked a bit healthier, the inclusion of toffee (in the toffee & pecan) and strawberries (in the strawberries & raspberries) would overcome the ‘health-freak’ barrier. And I was right. Within about three nights the boys had eaten their way through the lot, including Jane’s (carefully hidden -altho not carefully enough as it turns out) stash. ‘Was it nice?’ I enquired. ‘Yep’. was the united reply (there were five testers involved). That’s as profound as it got. Perhaps I’m asking a bit much of a breakfast cereal.

Anyway, a whole case awaits a lucky reader, kindly donated by Dorset Cereals, all you need to do is leave us an amusing comment here. I quite like the company’s take on life, it’s about to launch some summer festival thing that involves camper vans, we LOVE a camper van here at TWR. So I’ve nicked one of its ‘Life’s Too Short’ photos and your subject is why life is too short to waste on-line, or is it? Is your life, in fact better on line than off? Since Jane and I spend pretty much all our waking moments attached to our smart phones or computers, we’ll be interested to hear what you have to say. We’ll pick a winner by Monday evening. Off you go!

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  • It’s definately a boy thing, finding a bowl the size of which you could wash your hair in, emptying the entire cereal packet into it, up to room, and presumably eaten, because the bowl is always empty when you find it in the monthly bedroom fumigation process.
    I love the Dorset Cereal packaging, have even bought it in the past just to use the colours on a mood board!
    Like the new look blog – much more contemporary – but then I would always drop by to enjoy the infinate variety of topics you cover. Round of applause for the new look Womens Room.

  • And then this popped up on pinterest popular( hv copied The original tumblr link)

  • Amanda says:

    Oh brilliant sarah!, love it! Ax

  • Anna says:

    We all need a bit of life online – I regularly wallow for a while in th ether, reading blogs with beautiful blooms where no greenfly or slugs reside, where skies are turquoise blue and there is no wet and whining school run. Beautiful pages where fabulous bodies wear wonderful clothes instead of cheap clothes stretched over a lumpy body. Where clever crafty people make gorgeous items, rather than knit clothing with unplanned holes. Online foodies cook sumptuous feasts for interesting friends, fish fingers do not feature. All houses are pictured looking arty and tidy, there are no languishing piles of washing needing to be dealt with. Yes we all need a little time online to dream.

  • Anna says:

    Also love your new look, you are my daily sit down, cup of tea, online treat. Thank you.

  • Sara says:

    I love on-line me. She is caring and down-to-earth and always ready with erudite words of support when facebook pals feel needy. On-line me has her finger on the fashion pulse, and yet knows a bargain when she sees one (New Look skinny pink jeans anyone?) On-line me catches up with vital TV viewing when it suits her so as not to compromise her interesting and fulfilling social life about which on-line me would never ever boast or brag.

    On-line me is a pearl amongst womankind and much admired by real me who wastes hours and hours reading fashion blogs wirtten by teenagers, only uses the i-player to watch “Made in Chelsea” and has just had a shouting match with lovely hubby for setting the smoke alarms off again cooking his fat laden traditional Saturday brekker.

    No contest really…

  • Jane says:

    Am I allowed to enter since Amanda’s boys ate my share of the cereal?

    Finding a balance between online and offline isn’t always very easy, especially when you write a blog AND have a life! Personally I have to make myself step away from the screen on a regular basis otherwise I wouldn’t have any friends or family left!

    The only time I am completely switched off is when I am walking my very naughty dog. I have to keep my eyes peeled for him jumping up on people, eating small children’s ice creams, careering into the middle of football games and stealing peoples picnics! Perhaps what I need is a virtual dog!!

  • Jane Colston says:

    We discovered Dorset Cereals 5 years ago when deciding what to put in the welcome basket for our guests. So many ladies have emailed me after their stay to say how their men had reluctantly tried ‘rabbit food’ for the first time at Updown… and now refused to eat anything but DC! So yes – definitely a man thing!
    OH once entered a photo to DC’s Simple Pleasures and was inordinately proud to win a Brora beanie – he’d never have bought a cashmere anything so was determined to wear it on our long weekend in Iceland. I would post a photo but I’m not sure I can bring myself to show the world that I’m married to a 6’3″, 16stone, bearded Bryn Terfel-look alike playing a bank robber in a child’s hat. Life online has its attractions but that image still brings tears (of laughter!) to my eyes.

  • Charlotte says:

    My preteen son hogs our only computer so my life on line is made up of small windows of opportunity. My lifeline is my iPod touch, but having just turned 40 this year the eyesight isn’t what it used to be and the small screen has caused a few online purchasing mishaps! eBay pictures are tiny, but it adds to the excitement of just what is going to turn up through the post at the cost of 99p plus p&p! Happy days.

  • Nicola says:

    Here at Willcocks Towers it is a never ending task keeping enough stocks in for the regular (hourly?) cereal raids that take place. No1 and No2 teenage sons believe that multiple bowls of a variety of cereals constitutes a balanced diet and distress sets in very quickly if ‘someone’ has emptied the last of the ‘cereal of the moment’ (and put the empty box back in the cupboard… what is that about?). Love the new look – have been a fan of TWR for ages now – always interesting and frequently makes me laugh out loud.

  • jill says:

    With Dorset being our holiday destination for the past 10yrs you would have thought that we would have tried the cereal, along with Badger Beers and Bridport Moores Biscuits! Sadly no, with teenagers woofing their ‘unheathly’ choice at about 9.30pm and hoggibg all the milk intended for breakfast! So maybe now is a good a time as any to introduce it…..
    Online time, you mean a case of ‘just checking my emails dear’, and 2 hours later after ebaying a vintage bargain, checking Facebook friends, and perusing a good few dream holiday websites! Love it! It is the only way to keep in touch with my bright young things, and be (on occasions) one step ahead of them on sales, offers and gossips from the newspapers. Whilst resting 2 years back after major surgery with blood drains attached and prostrate in bed, my other half produced a snazzy green laptop for me alone, and boy, I haven’t looked back.
    I still read and love the feel of a ‘proper’ book though so have not succumbed to a Kindle. I have a yummy notebook and pen and have set myself a book target of 52 books this year. Going well so far….

  • Amanda says:

    Ah MILK, there’s another story with teenagers…where do they put it all? just before I want a cup of tea too……all very good comments ladies, but still room for more if anyone wants a go…we’lll pick the winner on Monday Ax

  • Wendy says:

    My DC is one of the few things I think of as mine and only mine. That way the inside bag is never left open so the cereal never goes stale like all the other cereal in our house. That and my Emma Bridgewater spotty mug are never touched by anyone else. Shame the same thing can’t be said of the TV, my laptop, bed, bath, handbag and everything else…

  • Amanda says:

    And the winner is…..Anna! Can you email me your details Anna and I’ll send them on to Dorset Cereals. well done y’all, and thanks, we’ll do another give away soon. Ax

  • Anna says:

    Many, many thanks for the delicious case of Dorset cereals which arrived this weekend. Am having to wrestle the packets away from the younger members of the family, are three bowls excessive for a six year old? Both the flavours (toffee and pecan as well as strawberry and raspberry) are truly yummy.
    There was a further surprise in the box, two pottery mugs and bowls. Both were the perfect size and shape and were immediately pressed into service!

    I am very grateful – thank you TWR and Dorset Cereals.

    Anna xxx

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