The Scented Kitchen by Frances Bissell

Recommended by Fire & Knives, so must be good. Like the sounds of borage pesto…blue pasta anyone?

Post note. I have now received this book and it is a joy to read. There are no photos, just pages of well written, informative text on how to incorporate flowers into your cooking. If you are lucky enough to have a garden full of roses whose petals you struggle to throw away when you’ve cut them and brought them into the house, why not dry them and crumble them over a victoria sandwich? Or turn them into rose petal sugar (easy and delicious). I am about to attempt jasmine flower vodka, after which my lavender will be out and I’m going to be making chocolate and lavender cake.

I tried the blue borage pesto, which was a definite show-off moment in front of friends, and I’m clearing the decks for a spot of rose petal jelly making at the weekend. Garden plus flowers plus cooking equals joy.

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