The Assouline Literary Lounge

Liberty is one of my favourite department stores in London. There is something comforting and calming about the grand Tudor building with its traditional wooden beams and unique selection of interesting products. I often used it as a tranquil escape from the madness of the fashion world when I was a young designer, back in the day. All it took was a fifteen minute wander round the calm beauty department or inspiring homeware floor and my mellow would be well and truly restored!

The Liberty buying and merchandising team are great at introducing new concepts and brands and are constantly pushing the boundaries. The beauty department has recently been re vamped and is worth a look, and I love the stationary department and fashion and footwear floors. They also introduced Assouline books to the ground floor in April, which if you are a fan of beautiful fashion, design, architecture and travel books, is definatley worth checking out. Merchandised like a perfectly curated library it features a lovely selection of new and vintage books.

I am loving the look of A Privileged Life and American Fashion Travel.

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